Theresa Kohlhoff Has My Vote

Climate crisis is not just heat, drought, flooding, and poisonous smoke. We are in the midst of a mass extinction. And not just large mammals and aquatic species, but insects and songbirds. Our climate crisis requires a Mayor who has the courage and wisdom to act decisively and with urgency. 

Theresa Kohlhoff is the only mayoral candidate who, as a city councilor, has been steadily and consistently in favor of preserving mature trees. Old trees are the cornerstone of our ecological health. 

Economic development is meaningless if we cannot breathe the air or if so much biodiversity is lost that our kids and grandkids must subsist on synthetic food washed down by microplastic-infused water. 

We can have both economic development and infrastructure improvements while at the same time preserve our precious environment. The only mayoral candidate who is likely to prioritize achieving this balance is Theresa. She is calling for a moratorium on cutting down old trees until we can get our house in order. A new order. 

Theresa has my vote. 

Betsy Wosko
Lake Oswego