Thanks For Doing This!!

Our citizen initiative, 2020IN-1, is popular all across Lake Oswego. Below are citizens handwritten notes included with their signed petition on envelopes, post-its, and stickers showing their appreciation and support. These messages resonate with the sentiments our neighbors shared with volunteer circulators before the pandemic. There’s no doubt that our natural parks are one of the many cherished amenities we enjoy in Lake Oswego!

Dear Scott, Our thanks to you and Rosemary for creating this initiative. LO resident since 2010.-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you for pursuing this – I am behind you 100%.-Lake Forest Resident

Thanks for doing this important work!!-Lakeview-Summit Resident

I visitied Lake Oswego about 15 years ago. I loved this town about 10 years as I moved, I love more and more Lake Oswego. Why East Waluga Park not on the list? I am these almost every day in my old age. Thank you Lake Oswego for everything.-Lake Forest Resident

Scott- I want to thank you for your efforts toward ensuring that LO’s natural areas are protected for future generations. We each signed the petition with enthusiasm. It is people like you who make a big difference in this community – and the world generally.-Hallinan Resident

Thank you.-Lake Grove Resident

I am pleased to support such a worthy cause. Greeting to Claire who is one of the finest educators I have ever known.-Glenmorrie Resident

Thank you for your efforts!-Lake Forest Resident

Thank you for caring and your efforts!-First Addition – Forest Hills Resident

Thank you!-Bryant Resident

Thank you for doing this! 😀-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you for all your hard work! 😀-Bryant Resident

GOOD LUCK!-Hallinan Resident

Thanks for doing this good work. We worked on the 1994 Stop the Tower project.-First Addition – Forest Hills Resident

Thank you for your work on this!! ❤️-Uplands Resident

Good Luck!-Forest Highlands Resident

Thank you for your campaign. I was on the adhoc tree committee ~5 years ago, and know the jugger-ness pf beauracracy. Also, thanks to Pierre.-Lake Grove Resident

Thank you for doing this-Foothills Resident

Thx for your commitment!-Westlake Resident

Thank you for your efforts, Scott! 😀-Hallinan Resident

Thank you for taking this project on.-Bryant Resident

Thank you for doing what you do!-Old Town Resident

Thank you for your efforts with this! 😀-McVey – Southshore Resident

Thank You-First Addition – Forest Hills Resident

Thank you for your efforts on this!-Uplands Resident

Great reference guide. Thank you! Please thank Debbie & you/your wife for your volunteer efforts, Scott.-Holly Orchard Resident

Thank you for organizing this!-Palisades Resident

Thank you!!-Palisades Resident

Thank you!-Palisades Resident

Thank you, Scott. Please thank Kirsten for me.-Foothills Resident

I got advice from Judy Mamerstad. Normally I do not intefere with this but its important for our citizens of Lake Oswego. I am a 50 year rotarian and usually do not interfere with city measures but this is of very strong favor and important!-Glenmorrie Resident

Thank You and all of the volunteers that make this work possible in protecting our natural parks ❤️. And not only the protections of the parks, but the well being of indviduals, our communuty, and wildlife. With love.-Foothills Resident

Thank you for all of your leadership.-Blue Heron Resident

Hi Scott & Joey! Thank you fo doing this ❤️. We need more people like this in the world. Oregon is such a special beautiful place that needs our protections! All the best.-Mountain Park Resident

Dear Mr. Handley, Thank you so much for your time and effort to help save these natural places.-Lake Forest Resident

Thank you!-First Edition/Forest Hills Resident

Scott- Thanks for all you continue to do to make our neighborhood surrounding Cooks Butte natural & beautiful.-Palisades Resident

Thanks for doing this Scott.-McVey-Southshore Resident

Thank you!-Hallinan Resident

I remember the stuggle when “they” wanted to enlarge the Foothills area by the river!-Foothills Resident

Thx Scott!!-Foothills Resident

Good luck!-Mountain Park Resident

Thanks for your efforts.-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you 😀-First Edition/Forest Hills Resident

Thank you for generating this initiative. Seems like all LO cares about lately is development $$$.-Mountain Park Resident

I sign very few petitions. This is very well done. Good job!-Blue Heron Resident

Thank you for protecting our natural areas ❤️-Bryant Resident

Thank you! 🌲❤️-Skylands Resident

Thank you for stepping up!-Old Town Resident

Thank you for doing this!-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you! May it succeed.-Old Town Resident

Thank you!-McVey-Southshore Resident

Thanks for all your efforts!-Oak Creek Resident

Thank you for your dedication to preotecting outdoor spaces!-Bryant Resident

Thank you!-McVey-Southshore Resident

Thanks for doing this!-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you Handleys. I have done initiatives signature collection and appreciate the extra time and funds you have contributed during Covid-19.-Mountain Park Resident

Thanks for doing this!-Old Town Resident

Thanks for doing this!!-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you!-Holly Orchard Resident

Thank you for coordinating this for LO!-Bryant Resident

Thank you for all you do and subsidizing this process.-Blue Heron Resident

Thank you!-Hallinan Resident

Thank you! Also, would prefer not to see too many interpretive displays. Let us just be with nature. 🙂-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you!-Westlake Resident

I have been thinking same thing – with new developments in the area it is vital there are areas available for people and pets.-Waluga Resident

Please let me know how I can help! I am able to make calls, help w/ mailings.-Mountain Park Resident

Thank you-Lakewood Resident

Thank you for your hard work!-First Edition / Forest Hills Resident

Thank you!-Lakewood Resident

Thanks Scott-Glenmorrie Resident

Thanks for your hard work on this!-Palisades Resident

Thanks Scott for your time and dedication to this cause. (sticker) I Love Parks. (sticker) Thank you-Bryant Resident

“Thank you for taking the lead!” -Bryant Resident

“Thank you for doing this Scott! :-)” -Holly Orchard Resident

“Thank you!” -Mountain Park Resident

“Scott- As a 50+ year resident of L.O., I really appreciate all your efforts on this!” -Lakeview-Summit Resident

“To Scott- Thank everyone for doing this petition — it is so important. We fought cell towers in Ojai, CA…AT&T pulled out day before it was finalized.” -McVey-South Shore Resident

Thank you Scott & Joey” -Lake Grove Resident

“Thank you for advocating for all of us!” -Palisades Resident

“Dear Scott, Keep up the good work! Thanks for trying to save our beautiful natural parks in Lake Oswego. We need them now, more than ever :-)” -McVey-South Shore Resident

“Scott- Thank you for all the effort you have put into this!” -Glenmorrie Resident

“I think this is a good idea.” -Holly Orchard Resident

“Thank you for doing this!”

“Thank you so much for your efforts!” -Westlake Resident

“Thank You!” -Evergreen Resident


“Thank you!” -Mountain Park Resident

“Thank you for working so hard on behalf of our beautiful community =)” -Lake Grove Resident

“Thank you!” -Old Town Resident

“Thanks once more for your work to protect our parks and natural areas. It’s so necessary. I really appreciate all your efforts.” -Palisades Resident

“Thank you!!!” -Palisades Resident

“Thank you so much for the work you are doing to preserve natural spaces in L.O.! I value so much the natural places that we are surrounded by — we live a short walk away from Lamont Springs which has a great owl family. I have been deeply disturbed by all the trees – large old ones – being decimated by developers – especially on Upper Drive and near East Waluga Park – a great invite to Global Warming. Anything I can do to help the cause – let me know – Thanks again!” -Bryant Resident

“Thank you for your work on this!”

THANKS FOR DOING THIS!!” -McVey-South Shore Resident

“Thank you!”

Good job Scott!”

“Thank you for taking this issue on!” -Bryant Resident

“The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more. -Ralph Waldo Emerson” -Bryant Resident

“Thank you for doing this Scott! Yes! Thank you!” -Lakeview-Summit Resident

“LO P&R wants to move Luscher Farm prop(erty) into the urban growth boundary – hence redefine use of Luscher et al. I have had love/hate relationship with P&R. Would like to talk with you about adding Luscher et al to your amendment.” -Westview Resident

“Thanks for all your hard work!!” -Forest Highlands Resident

“TU for your work on this!”

“Thank you so much for all the time and energy you’re devoting to this cause. You’re an asset to our community.” -Mountain Park Resident

“Thanks again for all you have done!”

Thank You!” -Palisades Resident

“Thank you for organizing this!” -Bryant Resident

“Excellent work Scott Handley!” -Forest Highlands Resident

“Thank you for all your hard work!” -Palisades Resident

“Appreciate greatly your work on this. Thank you!” -Blue Heron Resident

“Thank you very much for volunteering to be the Chief Petitioners and taking on the responsibility of all the work involved to get the petition on the voting ballot. I appreciate all your time and effort to help us all to protect our natural preserves.” -Lakeview-Summit Resident

Last updated: May 26, 2021