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Petition ID: 2020IN-1. Download the Petition. Print It. Sign It. Mail It Back.

WHAT IS 2020IN-1?

Initiative Petition 2020IN-1 is a City of Lake Oswego citizen-led ballot measure that if successful, will protect Lake Oswego’s natural parks for the enjoyment of all residents, visitors & future generations by applying sensible development limitations, keeping them natural habitats.


The City of Lake Oswego’s code is insufficient to protect our natural ares from development, allowing for “conditional uses” that are inconsistent with maintaining them as natural habitats. Recently, Cook’s Butte was under threat, for the 3rd time, from a plan to construct a major telecommunications facility…it required significant community effort to protect Cooks Butte. AND, historical records offer evidence the City has desired to develop not only Cook’s Butte but other natural areas as well. Springbrook Park is the ONLY natural park protected by our City Charter — we want protection for 14 additional natural parks with additional development limitations in our city’s charter.

Per Oregon law, local citizen-led initiative petitions need 15% of local registered voters to qualify for the ballot. That means we need 4,365 Lake Oswego voter’s signatures. Signing IS NOT a vote FOR nor AGAINST. Signing means the community should have the opportunity to DECIDE and VOTE on the ballot. Our democracy in action!


The ballot measure as proposed would amend Lake Oswego’s Charter: Chapter X – Park Development Limitation. This amendment would require a majority vote of Lake Oswego citizens if the city wanted to develop structures/facilities or commercially log timber in any of these 15 natural parks. The measure’s charter amendment establishes a baseline from which the city can implement park master plans.

It also provides provisions for additional natural parks to be added in the future.

  • You must be a City of Lake Oswego registered voter
  • Review the initiative’s proposed Charter Amendment
    (a Quick Reference Guide is also available)
  • Only sign one petition for this initiative, 2020IN-1:
    • From circulator
    • Petition e-sheet (below)
  • You may only print a petition e-sheet at the request of another individual
  • You may not distribute a petition e-sheet without the full-text of the prospective initiative

For your signature to count, we need you to download and print a PDF copy of the petition e-sheet for each registered voter in your house.

  • PRINT the Petition E-sheet
    – USE at least 20 pound, 8.5 x 11 uncoated white paper, or equivalent (basically, normal paper)
    – EVERY registered voter in a household counts and must sign their own E-Sheet
  • SIGN & DATE the Petition E-sheet
    – FOLLOW the “Instructions for Signers” included on the E-Sheet
    DO NOT fill out the “Sheet Number”
  • MAIL back the Petition E-sheet (or e-sheets) via postal mail.
    – Multiple E-Sheets may be included in a single envelope
    – Add a stamp and address the envelope to:

    Scott Handley
    18360 Delenka Lane
    Lake Oswego, OR 97034

  • Share with your Lake Oswego friends and neighbors to visit and sign the petition.

No problem! We’ll send you a petition e-sheet along with the charter amendment in the mail.

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