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SaveCooksButte.com is now LoveLOParks.org! This site will be the community’s voice on important causes related to our natural areas and open spaces that make Lake Oswego a special community.

LoveLOParks is a direct result of our conversations with you, the Lake Oswego community, during the Save Cooks Butte campaign. Residents raised concerns early in during that campaign about the absence of regulations to preserve and protect our natural areas and open spaces and expressed the desire to protect these spaces from any development that was inconsistent with their natural conditions for ours and our future generations continued enjoyment.

The City of Lake Oswego’s has had decades to develop and implement appropriate regulations in the Lake Oswego Code to preserve and protect our natural areas and open spaces. Unfortunately, they have not gone far enough and the code for Parks and Natural Resource Areas (PNA) and Sensitive Lands (SL) does not go far enough. It is now up to the community to act to protect these spaces!

The City has a history of desiring to use these natural areas for their development plans.

In the 1970’s, the City desired to turn the Springbook Park into an athletic facility. The community was not in favor of this idea, placed a measure on the ballot, and voted to amend the City Charter to protect Springbrook as a natural area.

In subsequent years, the City desired to expand the adjacent Tennis Center and was reminded by the community that their expansion ideas violated the City Charter. The expansion into Springbrook Park was halted.

In 1994 and 2002, the City desired to construct telecommunications towers at Cooks Butte Park. The park was deeded by Marjorie and John Emery to remain a natural preserve. In 1994 and 2002, the City was reminded of their agreement and halted plans.

However, in 2019, Cooks Butte is once again a target by the City to construct a 196.6-foot telecommunications tower. We are actively engaged in stopping the tower at Cooks Butte. Read more at SaveCooksButte.com.

As we petitioned the community about Cooks Butte, it became abundantly clear that the community did not want the City to develop any of our natural area parks, including Cooks Butte. We knew we needed to do something. That is why we have started our LoveLOParks campaign. If the City won’t protect our natural parks, we must!