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Since at least 2016, Hallinan residents and many across Lake Oswego have formed a coalition and have been working with the Hallinan Heights Neighborhood Association, Lake Oswego Watershed Organization, Parks Recreation and Natural Areas Board, and City Council to consider expanding Hallinan Woods through an acquisition of the Yates property instead of developing it.

Last year, the City Council made an offer to purchase the Yates property adjacent to Hallinan Woods. Unfortunately, the property owners did not accept the city’s offer as there was a gap between the city’s offer and the owners’ asking price. The offer made is not public since was discussed in executive session.

Here are some facts:

  • In 2018, the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Advisory Board recommended that the city acquire the property to preserve it as a natural area.
  • In 2019, citizens renewed the Parks Bond and could be a source of income to purchase the property.
  • There are ~205 trees on the Yates property. Only 79 are located in the protected riparian area. 126 trees are located on the area planned for development: the planned road, stormwater management facilities, and lots.  The vast majority of these 126 trees will be cut down.
  • Hallinan Woods is located on a planned regional trail.  Investing in Hallinan Woods is an investment in a quality regional trail for the future.
  • The Yates property is situated at the heart of Hallinan Woods–if it is developed, there will no longer be any spot along the path through Hallinan Woods where development is not visible.  Hallinan Woods will no longer offer an immersive encounter with nature.
  • Hallinan Woods and the Yates property are located within one of six “habitat clusters,” areas identified by the city as areas where habitat protection should be prioritized.
  • With coronavirus a concern, now more than ever we are relying on our local and city parks for opportunities to access nature.  It is the right time to invest in natural spaces like Hallinan Woods.
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