Citizen’s Comment- Hallinan Residents Share Petition Signatures

Citizen Comment
Hallinan Nature Park neighborhood representatives returned to give the board an update on the Hallinan 2.8 parcel. The Hallinan representatives asked the Parks board to add the acquisition of the Hallinan 2.8 parcel to the City and Parks list of projects. The nature park representatives have received 330 signatures online and canvasing the neighborhood door to door. The group has spoken to the owner’ s agent and the owner is willing to sell to the City. 

Hallinan- Yates Property update:
Ivan Anderholm presented information for discussion of the potential consideration of acquiring real property at 1107 Yates Street. The department has been tracking the potential development of this property ( 2. 08 acres) since September 2015, when a pre- application for possible development was received by the Planning Department. Ivan passed out a packet that included the map included in the pre application. The subsequent information included in the packet included surveys, determinations and a letter from the neighborhood. An application for RP delineation was submitted in late 2016 and received approval in January of 2017. The associated map included showing that the original lots 5 and 6 are within the RP designation. The city has not received any additional applications for development on this property. Based on the zoning and the restrictions of the associated RP zone half of the property will not be developed.

The Park Departments current opinion on the property is that the valuable resource ( approximately 1 acre) will continue to be protected by our local sensitive lands regulations as well as state and federal wetland and stream regulations. At the time of application for development the department will assess the importance of further measures ( conservation easement) to protect this resource.

Findings from an in dependent consultant, recommendation 30 foot riparian set back at the slope break to the stream.

The last appraised value forwarded from the property owner was$ 1. 2 million. 
Plan a Parks Board field trip to the property.