Citizen’s Comment- Residents Seek PRAB Vote to Purchase Yates Property

Bill Gordon welcomed the Hallinan Heights neighbors in attendance. Over 30 neighbors attended the board meeting to show their unified support in favor of the purchase of the Yates property. The neighbors mailed over 800 post cards to board members and the City Council. Over 400 LO residents signed a petition. The Hallinan Woods neighbors have presented their request at the last three Parks Board meetings. The board is familiar with the project and request.

Sarah Ellison and Donald Mattersdorff requested to speak on behalf of the neighborhood. Following the presentations the board and staff will discuss the proposal. The board will ask for a motion and vote tonight.

Sarah thanked the board for allowing her to speak and consider the proposal. She told the board that there are only 12 acres of parkland in a half mile radius to the neighborhood. Including Hallinan woods. The Yates property is a perfect opportunity to increase parkland access to the neighborhood. Hallinan is a densely populated neighborhood. The Watershed Council supports the expansion of the natural area. The Hallinan neighborhood told the board that the purchase meets the criteria in the Parks Plan 2025 and SDC methodology. Parks Plan 2025 identifies the need to prioritize park land within half a mile of high density housing. The park meets this criteria. Sarah told the board that the Hallinan neighborhood believes funding is within reach by re -prioritizing previously approved SDC funded projects and again asking the Budget Committee for a top priority allocation of General Fund dollars. She felt that the Parks Board’ s support was important since several City Councilors had said that the Board’ s guidance on the project would be impactful.

Donald thanked the board for allowing him to speak. He mentioned several forward thinking park land examples ( Oregon beach bill and NY Central Park) and requested that the Board follow that forwardthinking process with this request.

Other Hallinan Woods supporters also briefly spoke in support of the purchase.

After the Hallinan group’ s presentations the Board deliberated and made a motion to vote on the Yates property purchase.

The Parks board collectively discussed the request to acquire the property. The main Issues discussed were the issues evaluating the property from the pre -app meeting and the delineated space on the property that is not developable. There is not a viable development plan. The lots that are proposed are substandard. Working with planning it has been noted that access to the lots is complicated. All agreed that the development of the property will impact the neighborhood.

The City did support restoration of the property through the Watershed Council. The restoration was funded with City funds because the property is contiguous to City property. Looking at the Hallinan property there is reason to believe 7/ 10 is contiguous to city property already protected.

Regarding funding, moving the acquisition of the property onto the SDC list is very problematic. The Board noted that SDC funds have been fully allocated to approved projects —tw o in process ( W o o d m o n t and Iron Mt) and one yet to begin ( Rassekh). The exact cost of these projects and the re -prioritization ofthe entire list will be done by the Dept and Board later in 2017. Regarding a General Fund request, the Board noted its current request of the Budget Committee to fund the re -turfing of Hazelia Field and replacement of the badly deteriorated Roehr pathway. Because of the scarcity of un -allocated general funds, the Hallinan Woods project would compete with that request. Plus, the Board also noted that there are a number of other high priority repair/ replace projects that will require general funding in upcoming years.

Stated in past meetings there is not a viable development proposal from the pre -app. The evaluation of the property is an issue in regards to the property delineation. There is not a viable plan to develop the property from the property owner. Until there is a viable subdivision design it is hard to evaluate.

The process and eligibility methodology was discussed. The board discussed putting the Yates property on the CIP without priority at this time. The board agrees that the prioritized projects on the CIP list need to be taken care of before acquiring new properties to maintain. The first priority is number 1 is maintenance, number 2 safety. Acquisition is last if funds are available. SDC and CIP prioritized projects come before acquiring new property unless the project is exceptional.

The board discussed the lack of involvement by the owner in the discussion and it was noted that moving to support the purchase of the property prior to determining land use entitlement is premature and sends the wrong message to the owner and lessens the City’ s, or its designee, ability to negotiate a fair value should acquisition discussions take place.

Board Co -Chair Scott Bullard made a motion to not support the request for the City to allocate fiscal 2017/2018 general fundmonies for the purchase of the private two acres adjacent to Hallinan Woods. Further, Mr.Bullard also moved that this potential purchase be included in the lis tof Park’s CIP projects but without priority at this time. Heidi Schrimsher seconded the motion. All Parks Board members voted in favor of the motion except James Stupfel who opposed.