Weds, Oct 9, 2019 @ 4:00 PM: Parks, Recreation & Natural Resource Advisory Board

WHEN: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 @ 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Maintenance Center, Willow A, 17601 Pilkington Rd
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Please join us at the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resource Advisory Board showing your support to keep Cooks Butte natural. Cooks Butte was originally on the agenda until Friday morning. There is an opportunity for citizen comment.



The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resource Advisory Board voted unanimously on a motion opposing the telecommunications tower in Cooks Butte.

Over 35 residents attended the advisory board meeting. Over half a dozen residents spoke during Citizen Comments:

  • Michael Gershon
  • Scott Handley
  • Michael Louaillier
  • Claire Puchy
  • William Norton
  • Liz Lamade
  • Jan Holibaugh
  • And many others

Citizen Comment – Scott Handley

Hello. I’m Scott Handley. I was a little dismayed to find the agenda no longer includes a discussion topic for Cooks Butte.

I have been a resident of Lake Oswego since June 2018. My wife and I moved our 2 children, a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter, here from a big city because of the unique community in Lake Oswego. Lake Oswego reminds us of the small towns we grew up in; an active community where people, while busy with work and life, strike a balance to get out, stop and chat with neighbors and strangers, and smile instead of look away. This community thrives because its residents invest in what matters – safety, education, and parks. Lake Oswego’s investment in parks are its identity, its culture, its lifeblood. We recently passed a $30 million bond to continue to invest in and add to our public land portfolio for the next 30 years.

From the Lake Oswego website it states:

“…there are 460+ acres of natural character parks. These often overlooked parks are vital to our community. They contribute to important habitat for plants and animals, water shed and stormwater management/health, as well as a place for the community to connect to nature.”

So, I ask this question:

Is a telecommunications tower or any structure for that matter an appropriate use in any of our natural parks? 

No, I think not.

In fact….in 1993, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board voted against approving a telecommunications tower in Cooks Butte natural park…stating they had concerns for placing even a small facility in the park for which a master plan had not been developed.

To my knowledge, this advisory board here today has not gone on record to oppose the current proposal to build a 196.5 foot telecommunications tower at Cooks Butte.

Why not?

Also, I believe that Cooks Butte still doesn’t have a master plan. 

Why not?

Cooks Butte has a management plan, but not a master plan. 

Cooks Butte management plan and all the signs throughout the park, reference the Grantor’s original intended use for this land was to remain forever natural.

Cooks Butte and all our natural parks need master plans. Master plans that confirm that telecommunication facilities, or any structures for that matter, are not appropriate in our natural parks.

In just 3 short weeks, residents have mobilized our community to save Cooks Butte and all natural parks. We have spoken to hundreds of residents who are infuriated by the tactics taken by our City and have collected over 500 petition signatures opposing this proposal…and its growing. 

I have a 39-page transcript here from our neighborhood meeting with the Clackamas 800 Radio Group; I encourage each of you to read it.

We have your back. 

We expect you to protect our parks. 

We expect you to oppose development not consist with the use of our natural parks. 

We expect you to champion master plans that keeps our parks natural. 

We expect you to work with the community to introduce laws that prevent the exploit our natural parks.

You are the stewards of our natural parks. We entrust you to protect them…to keep them forever natural. 

Thank you.