Weds, Dec 18, 2019 @ 9:00AM: Clackamas 800 Radio Group Board Meeting

WHAT: Clackamas 800 Radio Group Board Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, December 18th @ 9:00AM

WHERE: 200 Kane Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

DIAL IN: 800-704-9804 / Access Code: 345832#


  • Agenda Packet
    • Project Status New Site Summary
      • Cooks Butte: On hold – pending C800 Board review and direction.
      • Kerr Parkway Water Tank: Researching alternative locations.
    • Page 2- New Business
      • Provide Direction – City of Lake Oswego/Cooks Butte Lease Termination
    • Page 3- Public Comment
      • It was shared that folks from Lake Oswego were in attendance to discuss the Cooks Butte and Skyland sites. They shared their comments later in the meeting.
    • Meeting Minutes of the November 20, 2019 Meeting
      • City of Lake Oswego/Cooks Butte Lease Termination
        • John shared that they received a letter from the city of Lake Oswego resending the lease for the Cooks Butte site. He went on to report that now is the question of, “do we accept the letter, and what response do we provide back?”
        • John noted that an option would be to move onto the alternate site, Skylands site.
        • John shared that the biggest issue is coverage. John noted that they provided some coverageinformation in the report.
        • Ron reviewed the coverage information.
        • Group discussion followed about coverage in that area, costs and what the options are.
        • John confirmed that that City of Lake Oswego wants to break the lease. The lease ends in tenyears.
        • John noted that they don’t know all the details on why they came back and resended the lease.
        • Citizens from the two neighborhoods shared their concerns and asked questions to the board members.
        • Sue shared that what John needs is a recommendation from the board.
        • It was suggested that the Board have an executive session to confer with Legal counsel and discuss the issue and options further. It was decided that there will be an executive session on the 18th of December at the beginning of the board meeting. The executive session will be opened immediately following calling the meeting order and holding the roll call, with the regular meeting to follow.
        • It was discussed that the Board needs to solve the Cooks Butte problem and then continue with the Skyland site if needed.