Weds, Jan 22, 2020 @ 9:00AM: Clackamas 800 Radio Group Board Meeting

WHAT: Clackamas 800 Radio Group Board Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, January 22nd @ 9:00AM

WHERE: 200 Kane Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

DIAL IN: 800-704-9804 / Access Code: 345832#


  • Agenda Packet
    • Project Status New Site Summary
      • Cooks Butte: On hold – pending site replacement
      • Kerr Parkway Water Tank: Researching alternative locations.
    • Meeting Minutes of the December 18, 2019 Meeting
      • Page 2- Project Status/Procurement
        • Cooks Butte: Will discuss alternative site late in meeting – Cooks is on hold.
      • Page 6- *Provide Direction- City of Lake Oswego/Cooks Butte Lease Termination
        • Sue Scobert shared that John is looking for direction in regards to the City of Lake Oswego/CooksButte Lease Termination.
        • Ernie Roberts made a motion to inform the City of Lake Oswego of the costs we have incurred todate and accept termination of the lease. John Schmerber seconded the motion. The motion passedunanimously
      • Page 6- Public Comment
        • A citizen wanted to confirm that with Cooks Butte, the group is terminating the lease and askingthe City of Lake Oswego to reimburse some costs. He asked if this meant that the priority now willbe the Skyland site.
        • John shared that the group potentially has another site in the West Linn area, that we originallydidn’t think was available due to height restrictions that have been relaxed. John shared that the project team is still needing to sort this out, and it will probably take a couple weeks to do so. It was noted more information will be reported on this at the next meeting.
    • Project History and Status
      • Skyland – This site has been delayed due to the uncertainty about moving forward with the site at Cooks Butte Park in Lake Oswego. C800 has been attempting to obtain a site at Cooks Butte going back to 2002 as it provides the best radio coverage for Lake Oswego. Due to a deed restriction on the Cooks Butte property, the Skyland location was chosen as an alternate in March 2016. A lease was signed for Skyland soon thereafter. The team proceeded to prepare the land use application for the Skyland site until we were advised that the deed restriction for Cooks Butte was released in late 2017. The City of Lake Oswego granted a lease for Cooks Butte to C800 in April f 2018. The team began working through the development process for Cooks Butte in early 2018 to date. The City’s land use process is complex and arduous and has taken until now to develop the submittal materials. The City advised us on November 12, 2019 that they are requesting that C800 abandon the lease. It is anticipated that we are now going back to the Skyland site with anticipation of submitting for land use as quickly as possible. This site will likely be appealed, and construction start is unknown, but could be two years out.
      • Finally, based on coverage predictions we need a second site in the north of Lake Oswego. We looked at a potential site on Kerr Road at a Lake Oswego water department site but at this moment in time it does not look likely. We are continuing to search for a site.