Mayor says City will recognize will of voters

Mayor Buck opened yesterday’s City Council meeting with a statement regarding Measure 3-568. While not a formal apology for City Council’s incendiary comments, Mayor Buck vowed to “not bring forward to the Council agenda any consideration of changes or modification to the charter amendment in the year to come.”

Read Mayor Buck’s Statement:
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Mayor Buck’s course correction is the direct result of our community taking prompt action to respond with letters to City Council and the LO Review. Thank you for holding our elected leaders accountable to the fundamentals of our democracy and the community they serve!

Several excellent reader letters were also published in this week’s LO Review alongside our press release and the Mayor’s statement:

And, our press release published along side the Mayor’s statement and readers letters:

We must remain vigilant. As history has shown, the threats to development require continual oversight. We look forward to a future where our City and everyone in our community come closer in partnership to keep our natural parks natural.