Public Comment

Jim Fisher. 1023 O’ Brien St.. lives in the Hallinan neighborhood and asked the Budget Committee to consider purchasing the 1107 Yates Street 2-acre property and showed an aerial view of the property. He said there is a development proposal for the property but he is not clear what is occurring with that. The Friends of Hallinan Woods has worked with LO Watershed Council on part of the  restoring property. Donald Mattersdorff 930 Bullock St., stated that in 2012 this property sold for$ 750,000. Then the new owner put it on the market for $1.9 million and it did not sell. He suggested it may be worth approximately $1.2 million now. Buck stated that acquisition of park land has other concerns beyond budgetary and stated that this type of request should go through the Parks Board and to get community support, as that is the Board that the City Council listens to in regards to park property. Mattersdorff stated he would go to the next Parks Board meeting.