Public Comment— Input Opportunities

Michael Buck, 3155 Egdemont Road. He stated that the owner Hallinan Woods property 2-acre site would like to the develop the property. Mr.Buck and the neighbors would like to see discussion of purchase of all or part of the property and feels it is a real habitat value. Also, regarding a pre-app near the Boones Ferry and Kruse way intersection area, he feels that the streetscape in that area will also need attention.

Chris Huettemever, 1044 Obrien Street. Regarding Hallinan Woods property at 1107 Yates Street. He has spoken about this at previous Budget Committee meetings and stated that the opportunity to purchase is now – or then it will be gone.

Donald Mattersdorff, 930 Bullock St. He spoke again regarding the property that is still a on the market for $1. 9 million in Hallanan Woods next to the Hallinan Elementary School. He provided the Committee with a map of the property area that he is requesting the City purchase. Since the last Budget Committee meeting he spoke to the owner of the property and the told him that the City would thinkabout thisproperty. He said that currently the owner would consider talking to the City.