Notice of Proposed Development

Over the Labor Day weekend, a select few residents in the Palisades neighborhood whose property is adjacent to the Cooks Butte nature park received and unsuspecting, non-descriptive, white envelop in their mailbox that contained urgent information regarding a proposal by the Clackamas 800 Radio Group to construct a 196.5 foot telecommunications tower in the park.

Although the park has 4 right-of-way entrances (Palisades Crest, Delenka Lane, Westview Rd, Atherton Rd), only a single public notice was placed at the Palisades Crest park entrance. Residents entering the park from these other public right-of-ways use trails that do not pass by the entrance at Palisades Creset where the public notice was placed. When we requested additional public notice placements at all public right-of-ways, we were denied.

Additionally, many residents were upset that the date coincides with their Lakeridge Middle School child’s “Back to School Night”. Lakeridge Middle School’s schedule has been public knowledge since at least mid-August, well in advance of this proposed action meeting, thus the conflict could have been avoided.

Residents have taken public awareness for this park impacting proposal into their own hands to inform the community at-large.

Read the notice.

Please plan to attend this very urgent meeting regarding this 3rd attempt to breech the intended use of this natural park. Come wearing GREEN for GOOD in solidarity to preserve one of the last natural parks in our city.

Wed, Sept 18 @ 6:30PM – 8:00PM
Public Information Meeting
Lakeridge High School – Rotunda Room