LO Review: Communication Breakdown

Residents, City at odds over communications tower at Cooks Butte

On September 18, Clara Howell, a reporter for the Lake Oswego Review, visited Cooks Butte accompanied by several concerned residents — Scott & Joey Handley, Mike Louaillier, and Brad Home. As they walked the natural park, visiting the proposed site for the massive 196.5 foot telecommunications site and standing in the Meadow where this tower will make it’s presence be known, they shared the park’s origins and deed to the City, the tumultuous history with the City over telecommunications facilities (1994, 2002, now), and the importance of this iconic natural park to the residents and community. While no one disputes the need for emergency responders to have good communications, residents believe there are better options the City and C800 haven’t pursued rather than breaking the sacred agreement made with John and Marjorie Emery and destroying one of Lake Oswego’s last natural parks.