Cooks Butte Bird Sightings – Sept 2019

September 2019

The list of bird sightings in Cooks Butte was compiled by Claire Puchy, a retired professional wildlife biologist, the past Executive Director of the Audubon Society of Portland, and resident on Palisades Crest Drive for over 25 years.

American goldfinch Myrtle warbler
Anna’s hummingbirdNashville warbler
Audubon’s warbler Olive-sided flycatcher
Bald eagle Orange-crowned warbler
Band-tailed pigeon Osprey
Barred owl (non-native species) Pacific (winter) wren
Bewick’s wren Pileated woodpecker
Black-capped chickadeePine siskin
Black-headed grosbeakRaven
Black-throated gray warbler Red-breasted nuthatch
Brown creeperRed-breasted sapsucker
Bushtit Red-tailed hawk
Cackling gooseRobin
Canada gooseRuby-crowned kinglet
Cedar waxwingRufous hummingbird
Chestnut-backed chickadeeRufous-sided (spotted) towhee
Cooper’s hawkSandhill crane
Crow Scrub jay
Downy woodpeckerSharp-shinned hawk
European Starling (non-native species) Song sparrow
Evening grosbeakSteller’s jay
Flicker Swainson’s thrush
Fox sparrow Townsend’s warbler
Golden-crowned kingletTree swallow
Golden-crowned sparrow Turkey vulture
Great horned owl Varied thrush
Gull spp. Vaux’s swift
Hairy woodpecker Violet-green swallow
Hermit thrush Warbling vireo
House finch Western tanager
JuncoWestern wood-pewee
KilldeerWestern screech owl
Lesser goldfinch White-crowned sparrow
McGillvary’s warbler Willow flycatcher
Mourning dove Wilson’s warbler

Uncertain, but likely:

Cassin’s vireo