Woodmont A Natural Park No More

Shocking photos of Woodmont Natural Park, located in the Forest Highlands Neighborhood, shared by a neighbor who is disappointed at the destruction of natural habitat. Woodmont’s 6.8 acre of natural habitat has been completely graded and will cease to be a mature natural area for many decades.



While Woodmont Natural Park design plans began several years ago. Many expressed their involvement was limited to input on 3 prepared design options and their input was largely ignored. Furthermore, the plans appear to violate the deeded grantor’s wishes for this property. Some residents have expressed they were only looking for improved trails for access during changes in seasonality. Many were not under the impression the park would be leveled and re-imagined by park designers. Other residents welcome of these “improvements.”

Perhaps, Woodmont Park should be an example that more immersive and balanced community involvement is necessary before the city takes action to develop the natural habitats in our neighborhoods.

In The News

May 30, 2020
Massive facelifts begin at two Lake Oswego parksConstruction has started on Iron Mountain Park and Woodmont Natural Park despite COVID-19 pandemic

April 09, 2020
Lake Oswego moves forward on new construction projects City Council approves two park projects, one pavement restoration project during April 7 meeting

February 05, 2020
Community discusses changes to current Woodmont Park planWoodmont Park neighbors, and other community members, express disapproval for restroom, other new features

March 30, 2017
Outreach begins for Woodmont Natural ParkNeighbors discuss limited development but caution against losing the Lake Oswego park’s ‘natural feel’

The Deed

Per the original deed made with the City:

(a) Grantee shall establish a park on the Property which shall be “Woodmont Natural Park”

(b) The park shall forever be maintained by Grantee in its historic natural condition with trees, hawthorns, shrubs, grasses, and berry bushes and vines which are only native to this area and except as provided herein, with no structures, playgrounds, picnic equipment, or other improvements or appurtenances constructed thereon

(c) Grantee shall make every effort possible to retain such of the tall nesting grasses on the Park property for bird nesting purposes and, in addition, shall construct at least one small dam on the Park property for the maintenance and preservation of waterfowl

(d) Grantee shall have the right of reasonable maintenance of Park property, including the right to remove diseased, dead, or dangerous trees or vegetation

(e) Pathways may be constructed upon the Park for pedestrian use only but no hard surfaces may be used to cover the pathways or any other portion of the Park, except the parking lot as set forth below in subparagraph (i)

(f) In accordance with applicable regulations of the sanitation authorities, Grantee may construct and maintain a small restroom building on the Park property

(g) No lighting of any type shall be erected or maintained on the Park property except for the interior portion of the restrooms described in subparagraph (f), above, and except for low silhouette walkway and guide lights along the pathways, if the same are required for safety purposes

(h) A grass soccer field, with soccer goal posts only and no other goal posts or backstops, may be constructed and maintained on the Park property

(i) A parking lot may be constructed and maintained on the Park property in accordance with applicable city and/or county code requirements provided, however, that the placement of the parking lot and its construction be accomplished in a manner which would be consistent with the natural state of the Park property and that all measures be taken as are possible to avoid the use of gravel, cement, or blacktop in the construction of the surface thereof.

Let’s protect our remaining 14 natural parks from any future city development plans without voter approval! Sign and mail back the initiative petition to place our charter amendment on the ballot. Pass it on to your LO friends and neighbors!!