Evaluating options on park measures

The city is considering a referendum against a citizen’s initiative, Love LO Parks. The only park that is presently charter protected is Springbrook. It has been and remained so since 1978 despite attempts by the city to fudge. The draft referendum would do an end run around the charter, our city’s constitution. By removing the charter protection, Springbrook will be demoted and “managed”: tree removal for parking and impervious surfaces for paths. This is the kind of “improvement” Springbrook has resisted. 

Further if both measures go onto the ballot, the one with the higher number of votes will win. You cannot just vote to leave things as they are. If you do, the referendum wins and Springbrook loses. If you want Springbrook to continue its charter protections, then you need to vote for the initiative.

Theresa Kohlhoff 
Lake Oswego