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The Devil’s in the details

LO voters have an important decision on the direction to take to protect our natural parks this November. This isn’t a popularity contest about who we like; it’s about…

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Don’t be fooled

We can’t trust the City of LO to protect our natural parks. Three times since 1993 the City has tried to build a large communications tower in Cooks Butte…

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Vote to truly protect parks

Initiative 3-568 better protects our natural area parks than the City’s Referendum 3-575. Initiative 3-568 places the current natural park areas into the Charter. Referendum 3-575 causes the natural…

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Evaluating options on park measures

THERESA KOHLHOFF’sREADER’S LETTER The city is considering a referendum against a citizen’s initiative, Love LO Parks. The only park that is presently charter protected is Springbrook. It has been…

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Act locally, impact globally

MEGAN BUSBEE’SREADER’S LETTER Nausea, tightened chest, headaches and anxiety were my symptoms from the relentless toxic wildfire smoke that eerily and dangerously clouded LO. I’m pretty certain too that…

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