Measure 3-568 has integrity

Residents have been working hard for at least 18 months, as a part of a grass roots effort, to get the Citizen’s Measure 3-568 on the ballot. The driving force has been the shared belief that Lake Oswego natural parks urgently need protection from development.

Upon close inspection, Measure 3-575 actually does little to protect our nature parks. For example, after the election, City Council has 60 days to decide which areas within specific parks are “Natural Areas”. So, the Measure would not necessarily include the entire area of each park! Furthermore, a map of the boundaries of “Natural Areas” would be adopted “by ordinance”. This removes Charter protection allowing City Council to easily change the boundaries in the future with a 4:3 vote. This is especially alarming for Springbrook Park which is currently under the umbrella of Charter X. 

In comparison, the Citizen’s Measure 3-568 is transparent and much stronger. Upon ratification, all 15 parks listed will be designated as a “Nature Preserve”. Furthermore, the entire area of each park will be protected under Chapter X. 

Please vote YES on Measure 3-568 and NO on Measure 3-575! 

Ann Mikulka
Lake Oswego

With Ann Mikulka’s permission, we have reproduced her Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read her letter in the LO Review here: