The Devil’s in the details

LO voters have an important decision on the direction to take to protect our natural parks this November. This isn’t a popularity contest about who we like; it’s about how we best protect these neighborhood natural habitats from future development exploits. 

Like most voters, I prefer making informed decisions on the issues. As they say, the devil’s in the details. I’ve learned much about LoveLOPark’s Measure 3-568 over the past 18 months from their outreach efforts. They sent the full text of their proposed Charter amendment and quick reference — a simple read in plain English. But, I know little about the details for City Council’s Measure 3-575. The Voters’ Pamphlet won’t have the full legal text of either charter amendment, only summaries and explanatory statements. This is insufficient to understand the effects on our natural parks — voters need more! Where does a voter go to easily access and read the full text of City Council’s proposed Charter amendment? 

I found a helpful resource with both measures’ text and comparisons (not surprising, on the LoveLOParks website). You might find it helpful too-

It’s now clear. I’m voting YES on Measure 3-568 and NO on Measure 3-575. 

Ann Savage
Lake Oswego

With Ann Savage’s permission, we have reproduced her Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read her letter in the LO Review here: