Officials’ actions on natural parks don’t match words

Do “actions speak louder than words”? Now “misinformation” and “malinformation” are amplified louder. As an environmental scientist, I respectfully ask my fellow citizens to carefully review the Charter language of both ballot measures on Lake Oswego natural parks.

One, well researched, legally reviewed and written with expert input, prevents developing the remaining 4% of Lake Oswego land, our natural parks (Citizens’ Measure 3-568). Of course the measure allows for a Master Plan with fire mitigation, invasive species removal, ADAcompliant access, benches, displays, picnic and sanitary facilities, maintenance and preservation of ecological values so ALL residents can enjoy them.

The other, (City’s Measure 3-575) was rushed through a taxpayer funded survey this past July and could result in natural parks reduced into developable pieces using the language “adopt by ordinance a map of the Natural Areas of these park properties” within 60 days AFTER we vote.

Sometimes important legalese is buried; the wrong words amplified. Could press on this be greenwashing? Why this sudden competing measure if not to prevent protection?

Historically, numerous official actions to develop natural parks were fought piecemeal because the City’s code is not protective enough. (Could the City’s Measure be worse?)

Citizens felt compelled to work years prior to and through a pandemic and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against signature collection period extensions to qualify Measure 3-568; purely to protect this land for you and yours.

Efforts to collaborate fell on deaf ears of officials’ and the Mayor, not citizens’. Disappointing and worse, citizens’ collaborative efforts resulted in tactics opposite of deliberative democracy, not listed here. More disturbing, the City controls both measure titles and descriptions in the Voters’ Pamphlet and can confuse you. Surprise.

Please vote YES on Measure 3-568, NO on City’s Measure 3-575.

Rosemary DiCandilo
Lake Oswego

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