Measure would protect LO beauty

600 acres of parkland, 460 acres of natural and open space areas, and our homes surrounded by tall fir trees are leading reasons cites Lake Oswego as #14 Best Places to Live in the U.S in 2021-22!! So special. We’re surrounded by an abundance of beauty!!

It’s exactly that … the nature, the parklands and the majestic beauty all year round that made my family choose Lake Oswego four years ago. With climate change upon us, it’s what we do locally, city-by-city that’ll make a difference. My heart is in Lake Oswego because of our community’s love for nature.

I’m thrilled Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter, a prominent state environment and conservation organization, endorsed the citizen-initiated Measure 3-568 over the City’s referendum. That’s telling!!

My major concerns with the city’s referendum is the lack of explicit park definitions and boundaries and broad misleading terms which leaves gaping holes — ultimately allowing the city to continue developing our natural spaces. And, it moves park definitions and development of “other uses and facilities” out of charter protection and into ordinances that can be changed by any future City Council, not voters.

Let’s make top 10 next year, lead by example, as citizens embrace this only opportunity to preserve our natural beauty. YES on Measure 3-568.

Megan Busbee
Lake Oswego

With Megan Busbee’ permission, we have reproduced her Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read her letter in the LO Review here: