Act locally, impact globally

Nausea, tightened chest, headaches and anxiety were my symptoms from the relentless toxic wildfire smoke that eerily and dangerously clouded LO. I’m pretty certain too that I wasn’t alone in experiencing these adverse health effects directly caused by the hazardous air quality. We are very fortunate that it was only toxic smoke and not our homes burnt to the ground. This however should be enough of a wake-up call to all LO residents that it’s more important than ever to take on our individual responsibility to address climate change. 

Your vote, your most sacred human right, matters more than ever not only at the national level but locally! The tree lined landscape, nature reserves and parklands are the heart of LO. Protecting our environment and addressing climate change happens in our own backyard, our community! Therefore I make a call to action for you to not only vote but to know which local candidates for city mayor and councilor have strong positions on environmental policies that protect and preserve nature. 

Make that educated vote and also JOIN ME in signing our local citizen initiative petition so we can vote to protect LO’s natural parks —

Megan Busbee
Lake Oswego