LU 23-0002/AP 23-04: Development Review Commission – 2nd Meeting

The DRC held the second meeting on the proposed development for a sewer line through Waluga Park – West, a protected Nature Preserve in our City Charter Chapter X.

  • City Planner, Johnny Hasty, informed the commission that the City Staff report dated October 25, 2023, erroneously published a final decision date of February 12, 2024. The date Lake Forest NA and LoveLOParks were working toward. The corrected final decision date is December 26, 2023 — 8 days from now!! Upon this date, the Applicant, has the right to seek a decision why petitioning the circuit court.
  • The Applicant’s lawyer testified and directed commissioners to disregard the voters’ will and our City Charter without any comments from City commissioners nor the Deputy City Attorney.
  • A City memo on Chapter X, dated December 15, 2023, that was submitted into the record continues to exemplify the City’s apathy and lack of respect for the 62% of voters’ who ratified Chapter X on November 2, 2021. This memo is a product of fiction that manipulates and twists the voters’ intent to further the City’s appetite to develop in our Nature Preserves.
  • A commissioner mocked voters’ stating that the damage from a 17′ x 525′ temporary construction road would eventually grow back and be even better. This commissioner showed little respect for the wildlife and natural habitat that would be scarred for decades in this neighborhood.

These actions and statements are offensive, shameful, and disrespectful to voters’ and our democratic principles. They are precisely the reason voters’ ratified Chapter X to keep development out of our Nature Preserves.

Watch the Full Hearing

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A 7-day continuance was granted for new written public testimony to be submitted no later than December 26, 2023 @ 5:00pm.

Next (and final) DRC meeting: 
January 3, 2024 @ 7:00pm