Vote to truly protect parks

Initiative 3-568 better protects our natural area parks than the City’s Referendum 3-575. Initiative 3-568 places the current natural park areas into the Charter. Referendum 3-575 causes the natural park boundaries to be described by ordinance, changeable by City Council amendment and eligible for development. In spite of climate change, the Referendum opens the door to reducing the natural parks. 

Understandably, the large dollar donations to the Referendum’s PAC are by development, real estate and business individuals. 

The Sierra Club and Oregon Wild compared the two measures and strongly endorsed the Initiative as better protecting our natural parks. 

The Referendum eliminates the full Charter protection for Springbrook Park. Initiative 3-568 continues full protection. The initiative supports natural material trails that meet ADA standards, including wheelchair access. To state otherwise is nonsense. 

“Maintenance” defined in the Initiative does not prohibit rehabilitation of existing facilities or facilities that are otherwise allowed. It does not prohibit storm cleanup. It allows the removal of dead or other trees that are dangerous to trail use or facilities and for removing invasive species. 

Vote “Yes” on BM 3-568 and “No” on BM 3-575. 

Michael Kohlhoff 
Lake Oswego

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