Look to Woodmont when considering measures

Woodmont Natural Park would be in a more natural state as life-long resident Donald Meyer had intended under citizen-initiated Measure 3-568. The deed included language such as: “be maintained by Grantee in its historical natural condition;” “retain such of the tall nesting grasses.” After much public debate and redesign, this natural park is more developed than natural.

Had Woodmont been a “Nature Preserve” under Measure 3-568, unnecessary development could have been avoided:

  • Size of developable land area (4.8 of 6.8 acres)
  • Increased water consumption with permanent irrigation
  • Major grading of 40% of developable land
  • Stockpiling existing topsoil
  • Removal of original grasses and 393 trees.
  • Erosion from grading
  • Incompatible planting conditions
  • Contentious public process — original plan was rejected by City Council due to strong public opposition (including parks board members)
  • Loss of carbon sinks due to loss of mature vegetation

We must change the current city processes with those that protect natural resources, limiting climate change. There’s no question Citizens’ Measure 3-568 will improve protection of natural resources with endorsements from Sierra Club and Oregon Wild.

Please consider voting “YES” on Measure 3-568 and “NO” on Measure 3-575.

Bill Jaursch
Lake Oswego

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