Don’t miss chance to protect parks

I am a research scientist with over 25 years of experience examining the many factors that affect water quality.

I enthusiastically support ballot measure 3-568 because it places sensible limits on the development of our natural parks while allowing important exceptions to maintain existing facilities, add new trails, remove invasive species, and prevent fires. 

Protections provided by Measure 3-568 can only be removed by the voters while the protection provided by Measure 3-575 is weaker and can be completely negated by a simple majority vote of the city council.

Measure 3-575 does not even provide a map of the protected areas until after we vote. So, it is not surprising that the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club and Oregon Wild support Measure 3-568, while people in the real estate business are some of the major contributors to Measure 3-575.

Putting Measure 3-568 on the ballot required a major effort by many volunteers to gather over 4,000 signatures. This was a monumental task so you may never get this chance again.

Please support Measure 3-568 and oppose Measure 3-575 to preserve the few natural spaces we have left for current and future generations to enjoy.

Anthony Tesoriero
Lake Oswego

With Anthony Tesoriero’s permission, we have reproduced his Reader Letter (with his minor revisions) for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read his letter in the LO Review here: