Happy 45th Birthday Cooks Butte Nature Park!

On April 4, 1975, John and Marjorie Emery deeded the 42 acres we know as Cooks Butte Nature Park to the citizens of Lake Oswego. While the Emery’s realized the significant monetary value of this land, they wished for its abundance of flora, fauna, and wildlife to be enjoyed by the community and remain “forever wild.” The community has protected their wishes for this treasure over the decades. The community’s ability to protect Cooks Butte is limited by a condition in the deed that expires when the sons have passed. While we are staying home to save lives, take a stroll up to Cooks Butte or any one of our 15+ natural areas (while maintaining your social distance) to connect with the beauty and nature we are all so fortunate to live amongst.

A rock lay in tribute by their sons with the following inscription:

“Much of the land
for this park was a gift to the
local community by two people who lived
next to it for 48 years.

They wished this forest and meadow
to remain forever wild.
A meeting place for human
and non-human,
a place to re-enter the world
beyond our human habits.”

Scott McMahon, a former LO resident, recently produced a video as a tribute to this treasure:

Join our NextDoor group, Protect Our Natural Parks, and connect with fellow LO citizens in our enjoyment and protection efforts for natural areas, such as Cooks Butte: https://nextdoor.com/g/0kti6ij3f/