Don’t be fooled by city measure

They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot!

The politicians are up to their old shenanigans. This November there are two measures on the ballot both seemingly to protect our natural parks. But the citizen’s initiative — Measure 3-568, was led and funded by voters like you. The politician’s — Measure 3-575, which happens to use very similar language to the citizen’s measure, is a slight of hand with the intention of tricking voters into voting yes on both measures. Don’t be fooled. If you vote yes for the citizen’s measure (3-568) and yes for the politician’s (3-575) you will be negating the citizen’s initiative. It’s the ole “heads I win tails you lose” trick.

Think about it. Why two measures? A grassroots group canvassed door-to-door and obtained enough voter signatures to get Measure 3-568 on the November ballot. Then, cunningly, City Hall politicians introduce their own measure. Odd isn’t it? And who might be behind this? According to required contribution filings, developers like Renaissance Homes who contributed $10,000 to fund it, are working behind the scenes to thwart the voters’ will.

I have to give them credit. It’s a brilliant strategy! By introducing their ostensibly innocuous measure they win if you vote for theirs even if you also vote yes for the citizen’s measure. What a scam.

Make no mistake. If you want to restrict the development of our parks you must vote yes on 3-568 and no on 3-575. Don’t fall for the City Hall chicanery!

Jeffrey Bowman
Lake Oswego

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