Measures couldn’t be more different

One would think that Lake Oswego citizens have two reasonable measures to protect our natural parks. Digging deeper, you’ll find they couldn’t be more different.

Measure 3-568, led and funded by neighbors for 18+ months, seeks to enshrine sensible legal definitions into our City’s Charter for our natural parks, their acreage and boundaries, and development limitations. If ratified, these parks and protections can only be amended by voters. Springbrook Park’s Charter Chapter X established by citizens in 1978 is proof positive that strong charter protections work.

Measure 3-575, led by our Mayor, City Council and City-affiliated groups and funded by special interests and developers, seeks to defer natural park definitions, their acreage and boundaries, and development to City ordinances — AFTER we vote. City Council can amend ordinances any time with a simple 4:3 vote. 3-575 is nothing more than an ordinance in charter disguise. The revolving door of City leadership, staff, their own agendas should concern every resident.

As residents of 50 years, our community has one opportunity to enact lasting legal protections for our natural parks. Sierra Club and Oregon Wild endorse 3-568; you should, too!

YES on 3-568 and NO on 3-575.

Stephanie & John Detjens
Lake Oswego

With Stephanie & John Detjens’ permission, we have reproduced their Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read their letter in the LO Review here: