No accident

Oregon Wild and the Sierra Club’s Oregon Chapter chose to endorse Citizens’ Measure 3-568. Let that sink in. These organizations are recognized leaders in environmental and conservation efforts. Their endorsements were neither accidental nor a token handout, but were achieved only after scrutiny of both the citizens’ measure and the city council referendum. Both organizations have recognized that Measure 3-568’s development limitations protect our natural parks best.

Would implementation of Measure 3-568 continue to allow our steward groups, friends of parks, and City to tend and maintain these parks? Absolutely! Measure 3-568 specifically allows building “trails for hiking, jogging, horseback and bicycle riding, may provide benches, interpretive displays, and may provide picnic and sanitary facilities.” It also encourages maintenance for “ecological restoration that provides a safe and healthy natural area that is accessible for public enjoyment, provides a healthy habitat for wildlife, eliminates invasive species, restores native species, and mitigates fire hazards.”

Measure 3-568 has been intentionally endorsed by two gold-standard environmental organizations, while the city council’s opposing measure 3-575 has been funded by developers and special interest groups. None of this is an accident.

Please vote YES on our LoveLOParks Measure 3-568 and NO on the City’s Measure 3-575. Visit for more information comparing these measures.

Kirsten Sommer
Lake Oswego

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