Citizens Taking Initiative

Springbrook Park, Canal Acres, Bryant Woods, Cooks Butte, and Stevens Meadows are examples of natural habitats within our neighborhoods resulting from grantors’ foresight to convey development restrictions and/or decades of citizens’ painstaking activism pushing back City development. Could you imagine our beautiful City without these natural sanctuaries and abundant wildlife?

For decades, the City has failed to adopt strong protections; therefore, citizens have taken the initiative. Over the last 24 months, hundreds of LO volunteers dedicated thousands of hours and raised over $64,000 (!) from friends and neighbors to:

  • craft a Charter amendment with precise, deliberate, and intentional development limitations to protect 16 natural parks
  • inform our community going door-to-door (pre-Covid), sending 40,000+ mailings to ~15,250 households (~30,000 voters), and through our website, email, and social media
  • collect 4,800+ voter signatures to qualify Measure 3-568 
  • obtain prominent environment and conservation organization endorsements
We needed 15% of LO voters to qualify Measure 3-568 for the ballot. While we focused on neighborhoods near natural parks, we received support across all LO neighborhoods. And, the response to our direct mail (19%) was significantly greater than the 4-5% industry average.

Citizen initiatives aren’t easy. They require tremendous patience, persistence, and perseverance — then, add a global pandemic, wildfires, and ice storms. Nonetheless, we forged ahead ensuring our community could choose to enact proven, sensible legal safeguards protecting these natural treasures. Our only gain, the enjoyment they provide our families and community.

Measure 3-568 – the ONLY citizen-led natural park initiative on the ballot – vote YES!

Scott Handley
Lake Oswego

With Scott Handley’s permission, we have reproduced his Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read his letter in the LO Review here: