Don’t let politicians exploit parks, natural areas

As a 28 year resident of Lake Oswego, please don’t be confused. Don’t let the Lake Oswego politicians exploit our natural parks. We need to protect and preserve these natural areas from development. Of the two competing ballot measures, only the citizens’ initiated Measure 3-568 will provide our natural parks with the strong legal protections needed. City Council’s referendum 3-575 opens the door for ever more commercial exploitation and development. For a detailed comparison of these two ballot measures, please go to-

Then, join me and vote YES on 3-568 and NO on 3-575. 

Michael Louaillier
Lake Oswego

With Michael Louailler’s permission, we have reproduced his Reader Letter for your convenience and for those who don’t subscribe to the LO Review. Read his letter in the LO Review here:

October 27, 2021
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