Measure 3-568 is gift for the future

“Don’t it always seem to go … You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone …”

The notion of “improvements” means “development”, and loosing forever the tiny plots, the hidden places, the realm of other creatures, to short-sighted human requests. Cherished places, landscapes without the mark of contemporary man can be known and appreciated in our community only because efforts were made to preserve.

The most “conservative” action toward our natural places is to do nothing … to leave it and allow just a bit of wild to remain.

By now you have your ballots, please give the wild places protection, and vote YES on Measure 3-568; vote NO on Measure 3-575.

Developer money is behind the city’s Measure 3-575; volunteers and a grassroot effort by neighbors initiated Measure 3-568 … Preservation and protection can offer so many benefits to our quality of life. Passing Ballot Measure 3-568 is a gift to the future; a legacy for children, for trees, for animals and for Lake Oswego.

We can’t do better with the land by developing parking, or ball fields, or playgrounds. Improvements mean desecration of unique and all too rare places.

YES on 3-568! Thank you.

Mark Chambers
Lake Oswego

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