Citizen-initiated Measure 3-568 Passes!


LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon – November 2, 2021 – LoveLOParks announces Citizen-initiated Measure 3-568 passes to enact legal safeguards to limit development in Lake Oswego natural parks.

During the November 2, 2021 Special Election, Lake Oswego voters had two measures to consider that offered different legal instruments for protecting Lake Oswego’s natural parks; the Citizen-initiated Measure 3-568 and City Council’s referred Measure 3-575. Voters approved Citizen-initiated Measure 3-568 with 8,267 votes, or 62%, and winning by a substantial margin of 7%, or 875 votes, over City Council’s referred Measure 3-575 with 7,392 votes, or 55% (official results updated Dec 7, 2021).

“We’re proud our community recognizes the value of strong protections to conserve our cherished natural areas and that we raised this important issue to the attention of our community,” stated Scott Handley, LoveLOParks grassroots organizer. “This not only is a win for our community, it is a win for the abundant wildlife that calls these natural habitats home.”

“We’re thankful for every volunteer, donor, and petition signer who made Measure 3-568 a reality,” Handley continues. “Two years ago, we set out with one goal — to provide our community the opportunity to consider and vote on sensible development limitations to keep our natural parks natural. And, that’s what we did while maintaining our integrity, honesty, and transparency even when embattled by our opposition.”

Measure 3-568 repeals and replaces Chapter X in the City Charter. Chapter X was originally enacted by Lake Oswego citizens in 1978 to prevent Springbrook Park from being developed into a major athletic facility. By voter approval, Chapter X will be amended to include additional protections for 15 additional natural areas. Any future natural park changes that would involve development otherwise restricted by Chapter X will require voter approval.

“Everyone involved with the LoveLOParks effort should be proud of their participation in this significant accomplishment to give our community this choice and the protection of our parks. A special thank you to every Lake Oswego voter for choosing to protect nature for our future,” concluded Handley.

To commemorate this historic moment in Lake Oswego’s history that will have a profound and positive impact for conserving these natural habitats for future generations to enjoy all their wildlife and natural splendor, we invite the Lake Oswego community to express their feelings of gratitude below with a reply below.

More information:

LoveLOParks is a Lake Oswego grassroots citizen coalition that seeks to enact sensible legal safeguards that limit development in Lake Oswego natural parks to keep them safe, accessible, healthy, and vibrant natural habitats rich with wildlife for future generations to enjoy their splendor.